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Bits and bytes from around the site
Welcome to LJ Today! Here you'll find short updates focused on official LiveJournal communities and services as well as active user-run communities on the site.

Contact mike or ljen if you would like to promote a community or feature a community event of your own in this community.

If you are looking for other public LiveJournal information, check out these communities:

lj_contests: The home of official LiveJournal contests and promotions.

lj_feedback: A place for us to solicit opinions by posting polls, surveys, and questions.

paidmembers: Information specific to paid members: sneak peeks at new features and special LJ-specific account offers.

lj_maintenance: Messages from our Operations staff about downtime -- planned or unplanned! -- and scheduled maintenance.

lj_releases: A running list of all changes to the site, bugfixes and enhancements.

newmembers: An open, supportive community where you can exchange friendly advice on how to get the most out of your LiveJournal experience.

news: LiveJournal's official community for news, notes, and quotes about anything LiveJournal.

remixed: LiveJournal's creative contest community.

simplynews: A simulcast news community featuring text-only entries from the official LiveJournal news community.

If you'd like to provide feedback about LiveJournal's direction or decisions, we'd love to hear from you.

If you're having technical problems with using LiveJournal, we ask that you contact our Support department at http://www.livejournal.com/support/.